Mirage Engineering Timelapse

How can I view images and videos?

There are three separate screeens you can use - each has a different purpose:


The "Image" page is the primary viewing screen - it shows the current snapshot of the site. Images are refreshed every two mintues.
The "ID" image shows local features - this static image was chosen during clear weather conditions.
The "Map" shows the surrounding area and camera perspective.


The "Video" page shows timelapse videos of a single day. By default it shows the previous two hours of the current day.
You can also view the current day from dawn or the previous day from dawn with quick-select buttons.
Other days can be selected by using the dropdown box.
The "Previous Two Hours" video is updated every 15 minutes, and the "Current Day" video is updated every hour.


The "Slideshow" page shows images from multiple days. By default, the images are from 1:00 p.m. for the past seven days.
You can also select an hour other than 1:00 p.m.
Alternately, you can run a slideshow of the past three days of images taken every hour.
Slideshow images from different days, at the same hour, are taken within a 10 minute window.