Mirage Engineering Timelapse

How often are the live images updated?
The web page images are updated every 60 seconds, and the page automatically refreshes every two minutes.
How often are the current day timelapse videos updated?
The "Last 2 hr" videos are updated every 15 minutes, and the current day "Today" video is updated every hour.
What hours of the day are the timelapse videos generated?
Videos are generated only during daylight hours to limit video file sizes.
Why does the appearance of the images and videos change during the day?
Image quality is highly dependent on sun angle and associated lighting conditions, which change drastically during the course of the day.
What is the interval between the images used for making the timelapse videos?
20 seconds for most cameras, 30 seconds for others, depending on the capabilities of the camera's local network.
How can I insure that I get the smoothest video playback?
Right-click on the video player, and if there is a "Settings" option, check that hardware decoding is enabled. This option isn't available on all browsers.
How can I adjust the video playback speed?
The feature is available on some browsers. Try right-clicking and see if there is a "Speed" selection. Alternatively, you can download the video and then play it back at various speeds in media players.
Can I view the videos full screen?
The feature is available now on some browsers. Try right-clicking and see if there is a Full Screen option. Alternatively, you can download the video and then play it back full screen in a media player. Videos may not look sharp at full screen since they are only encoded at medium resolutions.
Why aren't the videos in high defintion?
We chose video quality that works for medium speed internet connections. Better quality requires larger file sizes and faster internet connections. If a camera captures an unusual event, we'll encode shorts clips at higher resolution, and post them in a special events folder.
Does this web site use Flash?
The video player uses Flash by default, but will fallback to HTML5 video if Flash isn't supported. This allows the videos to work with all systems and browsers.
Is this web site optimized for mobile devices?
It should work fine on mobile devices with larger screens (such as tablets), but isn't optimized for small screens. If there is sufficient demand we will build mobile-optimized web site.
Which browsers are supported?
The videos will play in all browsers, either with Flash or native HTML5 video support.
Why don't the videos play more smoothly?
There are several possible reasons: 1) If your Internet connection is slow, the video player can outrun the progressive file download. In this case, you can download the video before viewing it. 2) Your computer is underpowered for handling video - this is typical of low-end netbooks. 3) Your browser may not be current - uppdate it or try a different one. 4) Videos may be missing a few frames, since the images from the cameras are sent over the internet, and delivery is not 100% guaranteed.